the grapes


PH: This is the Grapes, on the corner of Knight St and Mount St. As you can see, it's just an ordinary pub, and you'd be imagining it's a standard improv gig in British pub. Anyone who's at all familiar with the improv scene in the UK will know what i'm talking about, as a lot of our gigs are done in pubs like this, that have a dingy upstairs or back room that they let us use, where world class musicians can play to 7 or 8 people. The difference here is that the Grapes has no other room, and we were just playing to an audience who were mostly just out for a drink (and a chat, as you can probably hear on the recording). About one third of the pub was from an organisation called Creative LETS, which is an artists self-help organisation (contact me for more info if you're an artist in the Liverpool area).
The whole project was about me & Caroline interacting with our acoustic environment, and this was an unusual one - you should try it. Some guy kept clapping loudly in the hope we'd acknowledge the applause and stop playing. At the end he collared Caroline and told her "two fucking monkies could have done that". "Do you mind," she replied "it takes years of practice to get that dissonant..."