where we were

'Where We Were (Shadows of Liverpool)' is a CD on the Leo label, which represents the culmination of four years' work. We're both saxophonists, and since 2000 we've been recording in significant and/or unusual acoustic locations in Liverpool, letting the environment have a say in the shape of the music. Then we stitched the recordings together to make an extended electro-acoustic composition, an amalgam of snap decision making and considered construction.

It was a long and fascinating project, and there are a lot of stories connected with it. This website contains some of them.

caroline kraabel & phil hargreaves

listen to an extract from the CD
this is the first 7'45" of the CD release, in MP3 format

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Where We Were can be purchased from the Leo Records website (or from your usual distributor, of course)

Caroline has other recordings available, including solo works and recordings of the Mass Producers, a 21 piece saxophone orchestra.
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