st georges hall


PH: Don't know what the poshest studio you've ever recorded in is, but i reckon you can't beat this. Considered to be one of the finest neo-classical buildings in Europe, it's a ginormous, stone-built Victorian hall that also used to house the law courts at the time. Caroline & John got stuck on the motorway, so while i was waiting for them i played my flute a bit, and you could hear individual frequencies coming back off the marble, in the classic comb-filtering manner.

We didn't get to play the organ, but bouncing saxophones around the roof was enough.

I got showed around the Law Courts once, and they're unchanged since the 19th century, so they get used a lot by film companies (including one of the Indiana Jones movies, i'm told). Scary buildings. The stairs go straight from the cells to the dock in the court, and by the time you get to the top, you're ready to confess to anything...

CK: a beautiful-sounding, sombre-sounding, huge indoor space, inviting lyricism or bold statements of opinion as fact.