jump ship rat


PH: Jump Ship Rat was a gallery space on Parr St, now moved to new premises on Greenland St. It was originally a garage, and quite a big one, so it had warehouse type proportions and a metal roof. John Edwards (Caroline's partner) wanted to play a gig while he was up here, so i organised this, along with Rob Dainton on drums and Marion Leibl (voice), in the course of which me and Caroline did a duo bit.

We played for about 13 minutes, and about 8 minutes in we suddenly stopped exchanging pleasantries and caught fire, which is the bit on the CD. We were bouncing stuff off this big metal roof - great stuff. If you listen closely to that bit you can hear Clement (Caroline's son) making his contribution to the proceedings.

During the second half, Caroline took Clem for a walk, and she could hear me, John and Rob playing from the other side of the multi-storey car park, which she said was a fascinating experience: another psycho-acoustic moment that existed just the once, and then was lost, outside of the memory of the person involved.