road & alleyway, near penny lane


PH: This is my house, and we did some recordings in the street outside, and in the entry between nos. 16 and 18. Just as we were heading for the door with the minidisk, the burglar alarm on the house opposite went off. The house was empty at the time, and the alarm was prone to going off, for some reason. Burglar alarms are part of the sonic environment in cities now, so we just carried on. Sounds a bit like the Public Enemy remix...

The entry was odd - the walls are only about four foot apart there, and there's this huge great standing wave at round about a low D. On the CD you can still hear a bit of burglar alarm, and this 'boingy' noise whenever we play anything.

Incidentally, if you're into the Beatles, Penny Lane does exist, and it's the dullest residential road you've ever seen. Not that i'm trying to discourage tourism, but you ought to know before you trek halfway around the world to see it.