wallasey tunnel


PH: If you're trying to think of significant locations in Liverpool, you'd be pushed for something more obvious than the Mersey Tunnel, tho in fact there are two tunnels (and these photos are of the Birkenhead Tunnel, if you're being pedantic). In fact, the Wallasey one had to be used, because there are obvious road safety issues involved in recording in a tunnel, but the Wallasey Tunnel is actually two tunnels, one in each direction, and when they need to do maintenance, they shut one down for the works, and the other goes contraflow. This was one of those occasions, and as they were working at the Wallasey end, we were let into the Liverpool end to record.
I don't know if it says something about Liverpool itself, but everybody was quite matter-of-fact about the idea that we wanted to come and record music in their tunnel/library/hall etc. The reverb in a tunnel is phenomenally smooth, and because there are smaller tunnels linking the two together, there was a constant background noise of traffic from the other tunnel. We did quite a lot of playing about 20-30 metres apart, each with our own mic, and at one point we walked towards each other and crossed over to the other mic, tho that bit didn't make it onto the CD, i don't think.